Treatment Placement

CBI’s contribution for treatment placement inherently coincides with intervention work. We recognize that searching for the right treatment program can be convoluted and feel out of reach. We aim to bridge this sometimes-insurmountable gap.

Our treatment placement and consulting services include clinical evaluation of the situation, client and family. A treatment plan is then created; taking into consideration financial resources, insurance, clinical needs, and individual requests. The outlined plan will include everything from stabilization and residential treatment, to extended-care, and ongoing outpatient recommendations that can include up to 6+ months of support. Additionally, services include oversight of logistical coordination from initial admission through ongoing case management. This process lasts three months and includes frequent correspondence with the current treatment team, family, and outside professionals.

We hold our treatment recommendations paramount and have personally visited hundreds of new programs, with insight into staff shifts and trends, medical, and technological advancements. We focus on current ethical issues in the field to ensure the recommendations made uphold the same clinical excellence we expect of our team.

** CBI is not affiliated with any treatment provider, nor do we accept referral bonuses, payment for client admissions or any other unethical practices otherwise offered in the treatment community **