CBI is a succinct group of professionals who strive to give direction to those in need. Maintaining a carefully crafted level of integrity and ethics within our industry, we create a clear and concise plan for helping families, clients and colleagues alike. Through this we hope to provide multifaceted aid to individuals and their families on their path to health and wellness.


CBI provides interventions for those struggling with eating disorders, acute mental health diagnosis and addiction. Each case is assessed thoroughly and an individualized plan is created to fit the unique needs of your loved one. Our team utilizes a myriad of intervention and therapeutic modalities fitted to each particular client. We also hold strong value on the input from family and professionals creating a collaborative process to ultimately create a thorough treatment plan that supports the entire family system. We continue to engage our efforts for a minimum of 90 days to ensure an adequate foundation is built for a lifetime of recovery.

Our services are provided across the country with teams based both on the east and west coast allowing efficient and accessible services.

Most interventions can occur within one week of our engagement and are usually executed by more than one staff.

The intervention process usually begins with review of collateral documentation, phone/video interviews with pertinent individuals and collaboration with current providers when applicable.

Treatment recommendations and specific intervention techniques fitted for your family are reviewed by our team and then presented to the family for discussion and further collaboration. Once a plan has been agreed upon, a date is set for our team to work with your family in-person for the 2-3 day process.

The first day is set aside for family training and intervention preparation, the second day is designed for the intervention itself and sometimes a third day is requested for further intervention proceedings.

Transportation is then provided by our staff to the previously agreed upon treatment placement, psychiatric hospital or detox facility. At this point the family will receive weekly updates on the client’s status in treatment by the lead interventionist while another designated staff member continues close contact with the client while in treatment as well. The family will also begin a 90 Day Family & Friends Program with a clinician on our team for ongoing emotional support, psychoeducation, and coaching.

Comprehensive Intervention Services Include

  • Review and consultation of the identified crisis;
  • Assessment and evaluation of the situation;
  • Identification of reasonable expectations and mutual goals for the intervention process;
  • Discussion and assessment of the likely effects, risks and benefits of the intervention on the identified individual and family;
  • Educational session(s) on addiction, mental health, family trauma and other issues relevant to the situation;
  • Development of individualized action plans including a treatment plan for your loved one;
  • Logistics planning and treatment coordination;
  • Pre-intervention and follow-up meetings;
  • Facilitation of an intervention;
  • Provision for safe escort and admission into treatment, which may include detoxification/stabilization as the first step;
  • Support the family in after-care planning;
  • 12 to 24 Weeks of Case Management Services to the family and individual including addressing family concerns before, during and after the identified individual’s treatment;
  • 12 Week Engagement with one of our Family Services Specialist’s in providing our 12-week Family and Friends Program consisting of once weekly sessions with the family over the course of 12 weeks of our engagement.

Treatment Placement

CBI’s contribution for treatment placement inherently coincides with intervention work. We recognize that searching for the right treatment program can be convoluted and feel out of reach. We aim to bridge this sometimes-insurmountable gap.

Our treatment placement and consulting services include clinical evaluation of the situation, client and family. A treatment plan is then created; taking into consideration financial resources, insurance, clinical needs, and individual requests. The outlined plan will include everything from stabilization and residential treatment, to extended-care, and ongoing outpatient recommendations that can include up to 6+ months of support. Additionally, services include oversight of logistical coordination from initial admission through ongoing case management. This process lasts three months and includes frequent correspondence with the current treatment team, family, and outside professionals.

We hold our treatment recommendations paramount and have personally visited hundreds of new programs, with insight into staff shifts and trends, medical, and technological advancements. We focus on current ethical issues in the field to ensure the recommendations made uphold the same clinical excellence we expect of our team.

** CBI is not affiliated with any treatment provider, nor do we accept referral bonuses, payment for client admissions or any other unethical practices otherwise offered in the treatment community **

Family Coaching

Our Family Coaching services often coincide with our intervention services, though are offered independently. We have created a 12 Week Family & Friends Program to offer education, emotional support, and coaching. This approach is based on the CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) model of long-term intervention designed for addiction and mental health. These hour-long weekly sessions can be conducted over phone conference, via HIPPA compliant (secure) video conference, or in person (San Diego & DC Metro areas). They are strictly conducted by a registered therapist who has been trained in family systems, CRAFT, and Motivational Interviewing techniques.

This program is ideal for family members with issues about the disease or the circumstances surrounding a loved one’s challenges. If your loved one is struggling with the idea of treatment, but a full intervention is not necessary, this part of the process may be beneficial for anyone looking to involve themselves in the road to recovery.

Transport &
Companion Services

Our highly-trained professionals provide safe, sober, and secure transport to, from and between treatment facilities. Each team member is skilled in working with those struggling with chronic psychiatric disorder, addiction, eating disorder, or trauma. We offer both male and female support and multi-staff when necessary. Our transport services are worldwide and can be converted into longer term companion work for clients needing support on business travel, family events, or other personal affairs.

Case Management

CBI can provide ongoing case management services nationwide working remotely and in-person. These services are customized to the need of the client but normally include a weekly meeting, 24/7 telephone support, regular check-ins with treatment providers, and communication mediating family members as needed. Meetings can be used to focus on daily living skills, employment, socialization, meal support, medication oversight, etc. These services are ideal on the road to recovery for clients and their families.

Our team can help determine not only whether there are solid defenses and grounds for winning a case, but evaluates whether there are alternative sentencing options that may be available. Our team’s extensive experience working in close collaboration with addiction professionals and treatment communities translate into court and probation approved treatment plans – creative alternatives to punishment that personalize a client’s needs and situations with judges, prosecutors, probation and parole officers.